Self Care vs. Survival

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Practicing self-care in NYC is essential to maintaining sanity—especially if you’re a mom. Add “entrepreneur” to that mix and you’ve got a recipe for constant chaos. So, how do you stay grounded?

How can a mom find time for self care these days?

I’ve always leaned on my tools, but once my daughter, Emma arrived, it became a non-negotiable. Just like motherhood, when you have your own business, it never stops. This last year in particular has served up a wealth of pretty major ups and downs that’ve had me clinging to self-care like my life depended on it.

I’m in the construction build-out phase of the new NAO Wellness Center in the West Village, so while it’s literally a dream come true, it’s been a bittersweet challenge in the face of raising my daughter and losing my mother-in-law.

As tempting as it’s been (and as justified as I’d feel) to just go into survival mode, I’ve learned the hard way that winging my wellness doesn’t work well for anyone. I’m constantly reminding myself about the “put on your own oxygen mask first” example.

For me, that includes sweating it out regularly via infrared sauna, kundalini yoga, spin, and working with a trainer. It’s not always everyday, but I try to meditate as often as possible. It’s been a great tool for getting grounded and centered. Practicing gratitude always puts things in a healthy perspective.

It also includes honoring the high bar of health and wellness I’ve set for myself and my family. It’s just what has us feel good. Little Spoon lets me do that no matter how busy I get, and it’s honestly been a lifesaver. To know that Emma’s food is just taken care of from the moment it arrives at the door has been a saving grace in those chaotic moments. The food is pureed and ready to eat, so to not worrying about prep saves time and effort. It’s perfect for days on the go and especially when traveling! It’s even been great for me as a snack when we’re out and about and I need something to hold me over. But what really makes me a superfan is that Emma LOVES it!

Everything is fresh and organic, so it’s super healthy and thankfully meets my very stringent standards as a nutritionist. I really love that the foods are geared toward the child’s age and stage of development. SO smart! Giving parents that kind of comfort and confidence that their child is getting exactly what’s needed at that time is priceless. I love to cook, but it’s such a great alternative when I don’t have the time—or let’s face it, the desire—to cook.

In taking the guess work out of it, I’ve actually been freed up to focus on my self-care in those moments instead of being at the effect of overwhelm. It’s these small and simple steps that make the biggest difference.

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