Four Ways to Make Mom Friends

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Congrats on your new baby! It’s been a few weeks or even months and you are starting to feel more comfortable to venture out and start socializing with the world again. Except, you have found that everything has changed. While your pre-mom days you found friends just fell in your lap between work and school, now you are feeling like a new kid in town having to introduce you and your baby to the world and hope everyone likes you. While your lifelong friendships are still there for you, you need some new friends who can understand your daily struggles of motherhood: new mom friends!

You put on some real pants, maybe even brought your makeup out of the drawer and took a few minutes to put it on, baby is fed and now it is time to head out the door and try to find these new mom friends. Where do you go?

The Park

Even if your baby can’t sit up yet, just go and get some fresh air. Sit on a bench and enjoy the day. If your baby is ready for the swings, give them a push. You’ll find that silly little things end up being conversation starters with the mom next to you: “I love that stroller, what kind is it?” or “Your baby’s outfit is so cute”.

The Library

Many libraries have baby time. They read and do other age appropriate activities. But, let’s be honest. Baby time at the library is really for you. It’s a great way to meet a small group of moms in a very easy going setting. Since you all have babies the same age, you all have at least one thing in common and often times, the class ends up being a therapy session just talking about the joys and woes of motherhood.

Moms Groups

Do a search on a site like for moms groups in your area. Groups often meet at coffee shops, parks, zoos and other local common places. Be prepared that while talking to another mom, you may never actually ever finish a whole conversation due to your little one’s needs. But it’s ok, that’s what MNO’s (“Moms Night Out”) are for!

Mommy & Me Classes

There are some really amazing “Mommy & Me” classes available now: fitness, music, art, even second language classes. It’s the perfect opportunity to do something good for you and maybe even learn a new skill! Meeting new mom friends may seem a lot like your single days in the dating world. Getting the nerve up to ask someone for their phone number or that disappointing feeling when you realize that someone is just not right for you.

While the whole process of making mom friends can seem awkward and tedious, just remember that every mom you are talking to feels exactly the same way. Be patient too. Remember that friendships aren’t built overnight and it will take some time.

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