How to Set Up the Perfect Reading Nook

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With winter weather in full force, it’s a perfect time for kids to cozy up with a book, and there’s no better place to do so than in their very own reading nook. Creating a reading nook can not only provide a convenient (and potentially beautiful) place to store books, but creating a designated reading space in your home is a surefire way to instill a love of reading in children of all ages.  Putting together a space that is inviting, comfy, and in which they have access to a lot of their favorite literature will ensure you get longevity and use out of the space.

From easy to intricate, here are some tips for bringing your very own nook to life:

Set up:

  • Take advantage of architecture in your home that lends itself to a reading nook. Lucky enough to have a window seat? The lighting alone makes this spot perfect for reading. Creative use of a cove under stairs or a stair landing can turn dead space into a sweet haven for little book lovers. Have an unused closet space or decorative fireplace? Throw some pillows, lights, art, and books in and you’ve got an easy insta-nook for your child!
  • Find a corner, cozy it up with a whimsical area rug, pretty lighting, some floor pillows, and a child-level bookshelf.
  • Use a tent or canopy to create “walls” for a space that’s perfect for imaginary play, exploring stories, and snuggles.
  • Set up a reading nook between a wall and the side of large (secured-to-the-wall) piece of furniture, creating a nook without the need for built-in architecture. Use an ottoman as a child sized “couch” and you’ve got a perfect place to cozy up with a book.


  • Up the comfort factor with cushion: floor pillows, old couch cushions, a recycled crib mattress, a bean bag chair, or even an old papasan cushion will do the trick!
  • Bring in magical lighting. We love twinkle lights, but depending on your setup, string lights, a reading lamp, or even a pretty chandelier can also light up the space. The right light can really help transform your nook into a spot that feels magical.
  • Situate your reading nook near an accessible shelf or storage bin to let your child easily access and choose books for story time. Having ownership over story choice is a key element in engaging the reader and facilitating a love of literature.
  • Varying the height of shelves makes it easy to switch books around to keep interest high. Use high shelving to store delicate or special books just out of reach curious (and destructive) hands.
  • Encourage imaginative exploration that extends beyond the books you read together by keeping a few materials like puppets and blocks near the nook.
  • Encourage and inspire your little love with motivational art.


Your family will enjoy the reading nook at any time of the day, but incorporating reading together in your nook into a bedtime routine will give you a chance to unwind from the day, enjoy stories, be together, and settle in for sleep. Create family memories over stories!

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