The Safest and Greenest Fish to Eat from the Sea

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Growing up in a home that dished up seafood on a biweekly basis, I never really paid attention to how those yummy little critters wound up on my plate. I’d simply pick up another skewer of grilled shrimp, or ladle another heaping serving of saffron mussels. It never dawned on me to think about how they were treated, raised, caught, killed, and transferred to my local supermarket or fish shop.

Lucky for us, the Super Green List (which is regularly updated by The Monterey Bay Aquarium) helps clarify the process from water to plate, so we can plan better for our tasty ocean friends. The list focuses on healthy and safe seafood choices, with good supplies of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and low environmental impact. The Super Green List also features sustainable seafood from their “Best Choices” list, which promotes healthy oceans by informing businesses and consumers of more “green” choices.

Be sure to check out the list to get the full scoop, but I’ve highlighted a few main points from the current version:

The Super Green list includes seafood that meets the following three criteria:

• Low levels of mercury (below 216 parts per billion)

• Provides at least 250 milligrams per day of Omega-3 fatty acids

• Is classified as a seafood watch “Best Choice” (green)

The also have a great app you can easily download onto your phone that offers lists of the currently available “green” fish. A conscious family certainly helps the environment while showing your children what mindful eating is all about. Enjoy!


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