10 Comebacks to The Breastfeeding In Public Stink Eye

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It’s one thing to be told “breast is best” and know that we are protected by law to breastfeed anywhere, anytime. It’s another thing to actually feel comfortable doing so. There are a number of obstacles in our way, from our own modesty or insecurities, to cover-hating flailing babies, to nosy gawking strangers. Innovative breastfeeding-friendly shirts and nursing covers can help a great deal with all three of these issues, but no matter if you simply whip it out or try to cover it up, you’re likely to be met with the “Breastfeeding Stink Eye” on occasion. So, what’s a mama to do? Keep calm and nurse on… and feel free to utilize any of the following responses to the stink eye that came in from moms around the country!

  • Inform them that this is in fact what breasts are for.
  • Look them in the eye, smile, and have your baby send a little one fingered salute their way.
  • Write down #itsjustaboob on a napkin and have your waiter bring it over to them.
  • Give them something to really gawk at. Spray a bit of that liquid gold into your coffee and watch them choke on theirs.
  • Joke, “I make milk, what’s your superpower?”
  • If someone suggests you nurse in the bathroom, ask them if they’d also like to eat lunch in the place where people urinate and defecate.
  • Respond with a kind sarcastic offer, “Want some?”
  • If someone tells you that you’re making them uncomfortable, tell them “This isn’t about you. No one is forcing you to watch. Actually, I’d prefer if you would stop gawking at my breasts, pervert.”
  • If given trouble by an employee at a restaurant, store, or other establishment, be sure to educate them and speak to management. If all else fails, send an e-mail and call them out on social media.
  • Take a deep breath and consider that they may not actually be judging you harshly, but rather processing one of many possible other emotions such as awe (WOW look at that women feed her baby, it’s amazing!), perplexity (Is she doing what I think she’s doing? How does that work exactly!?), or even jealousy or despair (perhaps she wasn’t able to nurse her own child, wasn’t able to conceive a child, or even tragically lost one).

Just remember, breastfeeding is normal and healthy. If you choose to breastfeed and your body and baby both cooperate, then go ahead and do it however, wherever, and whenever you need to. It shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s not about them. Breasts have been sexualized over the years by popular culture, and therein lies much of the problem. But we have the right to use them for their real purpose, and the more we do so, the less breastfeeding stink eye there will be in the world!

Have you had ever experienced the Breastfeeding Stink Eye? Be sure to share your story in a comment below!!

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