Five Teething Remedies for Baby + A Teething Pop Recipe

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Before you know it, your new baby is going to start the long process of teething. It’s hard to see them in pain and it seems we will do just about anything to help them feel better! Just keep things simple and stay calm and before you know it, you’re baby will have a beautiful toothy smile!

A gentle massage of your baby’s gums can go a long way. Simply wash your hands and gently apply light pressure to rub your baby’s gums.

You might find that your baby goes back to breastfeeding like the days after you came home from the hospital. The comfort of breastfeeding goes a long way to soothe their teething troubles.

Find a super-soft, organic teething toy for your baby to chew on. You’ll find around this time your baby will be putting anything and everything in their mouth to gnaw on! Whether it’s made out of plush, wooden or 100% natural rubber, give your baby their own safe toy to chew and play with!

Find a new piece of jewelry for yourself! Teething necklaces are popular now for moms to wear while holding their baby. Make sure to find a brand that is FDA-approved, free of phthalates, BPA, PVC, latex and lead.

Cold food or popsicles are great since the cold really soothes the gums for your baby! The best part? You can make them right at home with your Little Spoon Organic Baby Food. Using your Little Spoon baby food is perfect since around this time your baby needs nutrient-dense food to keep their immune systems strong while they teeth and to help those new teeth come in nice and strong!

How to make Teething Popsicles using Little Spoon Organic Baby Food

  • Spoon about 1 oz of your baby’s favorite Little Spoon Organic Baby Foods into the pop tray.

  • Freeze overnight.

  • Run the pop tray under some warm water to help release the frozen pops.
  • Give one to your baby when she needs some teething relief!

We used the Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray to make our pops. The handle on the molds are perfectly shaped for our baby’s hands and the wider base catches drips as the popsicle melts.


Which teething remedies have worked best for your babies?

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