The First Thousand Days Survival Kit

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. And while we all know you deserve much more than just one day of celebration for all you do, we’ll gladly take this opportunity to say YOU GO MAMA and give you the gift [...]

The Reassuring Signs of Kneeholes

The dress code I’m expected to follow as a teacher is your standard, no fun, shirt and tie with nice pants and dress shoes.  But if you catch me at home after work, you’re nearly guaranteed to [...]

The Best Books for Baby Showers

It’s never too early to instill a love of literature in the very young. Children’s books familiarize kids with early concepts of print, offer a unique literacy and linguistic experience with [...]

10 Ways to Teach Children Gratitude

December is traditionally a month that center around giving, receiving, and thankfulness, so it seems like the perfect time to focus on instilling a sense of gratitude in children. Teaching [...]

A Note From The Founders

A Note From the Founders: No More Old Baby Food. What taking Little Spoon National Means for Our Children   We are taking a stand against Old Baby food. It’s time to do better for our [...]